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Shakeology is a meal replacement shake made to reduce cravings for food, diminish appetite, support a healthy immune system, and provide a well-rounded nutrient blend.

Their websites states their product contains “globally sourced superfood ingredients”. We took a closer look to verify whether or not their claims are true. To find the top 10 diet shakes, you can click here.

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Shakeology Shake Review

This shake is unique in that there’s over 70 different ingredients added. With so many additives used it’s also reflected in a high price, since one 30 serving bag costs $129.95.

This means just one shake a day costs $4.33. This is one of the most expensive meal replacements sold.

It’s also important to look at the overall quality of the shake. There’s 16 grams of protein provided from 2 sources:

Whey Protein Isolate: Byproduct of the cheese making process that has at least 90% protein by weight.

Pea Protein: Often made from yellow split peas, this protein source is low in certain key amino acids. It also contains purines that may promote gout. Live mentions that it increases uric acid production, which:


  • Has good quality whey protein, available in vegan flavors, and can be mixed with many liquids.


  • Expensive, customers didn’t enjoy the taste, contains excess sugars, and has unnecessary ingredients.

“accumulate in your kidneys or joints and cause stones or gout, a type of inflammatory arthritis”
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It also low in the amino acids Cysteine, Methionine, and Tryptophan.

Even though there’s a high amount of protein added at 16 grams, it’s unknown how much is healthy whey isolate versus the potentially harmful pea protein.

There’s been a lot of talk from customers about the quality of this shake. Many people feel that for the kind of nutrition provided, Shakeology is greatly overpriced.

The company tries to justify this high cost by adding that this brand has the equivalent of 4 cups of broccoli, 7 whole carrots, 10 cups of cauliflower, 3 raw onions, and a cup of peas.

It’s never explained exactly what they mean by this, since many of the nutrients aren’t found in the nutrition facts label.

One cup of broccoli = 135% vitamin C. Shakeology claims to have 4 cups of broccoli’s worth, so it should have 500% vitamin C.

Instead it has 300%, but it all comes from ascorbic acid, a vitamin C supplement. This means that either Shakeology is lying about the nutrient content, or they process the ingredients in a way that reduces their overall quality.

Shakeology 18shake GNC Lean Herbalife Isagenix
Soy free protein
Helps with hunger
Low sugar
No artificial flavors or colors
Good taste
Money back guarantee


There’s a total of 7 grams of sugar minimum, depending on the flavor chosen. It’s sweetened with a combination of stevia and Non-GMO fructose.

While it’s good to see there’s a non-genetically modified version of fructose, this ingredient isn’t the best. The Journal of Clinical Investigation adds that it:

“increases visceral adiposity and lipids and decreases insulin sensitivity” So it promotes increased body fat, cholesterol and triglycerides, and it can raise blood sugar levels.

Yale University School of Medicine also ran their own studies that showed: “Fructose possibly increases food-seeking behavior and increases food intake”
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This is incredibly important to consider when you’re trying to lose weight. Fructose even if it’s not genetically modified can increase hunger and increase the risk for obesity.

There’s 4 calories in each gram, and with 7 grams of sugar, a total of 28 calories come from sugar. It’s also advised to get only 25 grams of sugar for women, and 37.5 grams for men. Shakeology provides 14 grams of sugar at 2 servings a day.

  • Calories* (160) 3.7/5
  • Protein* (18 g) 4.6/5
  • Carbs* (20 g) 3.7/5
  • Sodium* (70 mg) 4.6/5
  • Price* ($4.0) 3.1/5
  • Overall Rating 3.9/5

*per serving


Beachbody, LLC, owns the company, and they are a California based group that has 696 complaints reported on their Better Business Bureau page.

Many have complained about not being able to cancel shipments. This is because the company offers an auto-renewal plan, which locks people into monthly contracts. They can be difficult to escape from.

People have mentioned the following issues:

“I was charged for products that were never shipped”

“not processing refunds and not canceling monthly ”auto-shipments” upon request”

Many customers were dissatisfied since they felt that the company locks people into contracts, and their customer service division is hard to deal with. People who have tried to contact the company mention how they are often put on hold. Some were told they would be helped even though they still await a response.

There have been hundreds of dissatisfied customers who claim the company is operating a scam.

Doctor Recommendations

There are a total of 5 different doctors who support the use of Shakeology. The problem is that none of these people deal directly with nutrition or dieting.

The people who recommend this brand are also not affiliated with the things they claim to support it for. Here’s an example of the people who’ve claimed this brand is effective:

Dr. John Yosaitis: Claims it’s effective for helping get rid of cravings. He’s an anesthesiologist, meaning he helps people undergoing surgery. This is not related at all to hunger blocking.

Dr. Jeremy Watkins: Suggests weight loss is possible. He’s an Otolaryngologist; his specialty is conditions of the nose, throat, and ear.

Dr. Mark Clemens: Plastic surgeons that suggests this brand will increase energy.

Dr. Shahab Mokhtare: A general practice doctor that claims this brand promotes overall health.

Though it sounds impressive to have doctors recommending this shake, their practices have nothing to do with the benefit they claim is possible.
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"Shakeology is VERY expensive and it has a weird taste! I also experienced some terrible side effects like diarrhea.."

Anna Perez | 6 reviewers made a similar statement

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Shakeology is marketed well and there are a lot of impressive videos offered that try to show how useful it is.

The main issues are that there’s a potentially harmful kind of sugar, it’s one of the most expensive meal replacements available. Customers haven’t reviewed this brand favorably in terms of overall quality and customer service.

Much better options are available at a reduced price with better ingredients.

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*Results are individual and may vary. We cannot guarantee the same experience for every consumer.

Public Comments

Wendy . Brooklyn

Comment is awaiting moderation

taste ok...little nausua!

Peggy . Columbus

Comment is awaiting moderation

I used this product in chocolate flavor. I loved it. It helped with food cravings and I felt great. When I opened my third bag and drank my first shake I became violently ill within two hours. I used it again a few weeks later and the same thing happened only worse. I called the company they cancelled my shipments and refunded money without a problem. I will not use this product again. I wish I had read reviews prior to my purchase.

Japanna . Van Buren

Comment is awaiting moderation

I was using shakeology when I joined there program, and when I was experiencing stomach pains I thought it was just me, than I stop, but im sitting on a case and a half so I thought I would try to use it again so my money would not be wasted but I think im going to try to sale it instead. Because it was not just all in my head it was the shake

Lou . Marysville

Comment is awaiting moderation

Dose anyone know if Shakeology can cause diverticulitis?

Trina K. . Los Angeles

Comment is awaiting moderation

I was all ready to try this product as my friend loves it. I ordered and paid for 30 days and got only 24 packets! It seems that you have to pick a certain "bag" of 30 and that when it asked me to pick the flavor combo I wanted that only had 24. I called customer service and said I was a new customer and that since I paid for 30 days of shakes they should send me six more. The stupid supervisor didn't care about customer relations and said no so back my product goes!!! I wouldn't do business with a company that doesn't care about their customers and falsely advertises their products.

Leah . Rhinelander

Comment is awaiting moderation

I tried the chocolate and it did not taste good at all! Definitely won't drink it again.

Jody emerick . Emlenton

Comment is awaiting moderation

I love to try this but not for $120 is there any way to get a sample or a cheaper bag to try?

Carole . New Orleans

Comment is awaiting moderation

Was on the choc. Shakology and after 2 wks all was good and after that everytime I drank it I was so sick.nauseous, diarrhea, severe stomach cramp, the pain was worse than gallbladder attacks.The vomiting was horribly violent.After eliminating several things it is defently the shakes..No more for me.

yesenia . Deming

Comment is awaiting moderation

It so expensive, and no really work.

Bunny . Clearwater

Comment is awaiting moderation

These comments combined with your research and recommendations are very helpful. I was going to purchase Shakeology on the advice of a friend, but now I realize that would be a waste of money and time for me. Thanks for the research, and thanks to all who left a comment here. I will most likely go with your number one choice, and maybe I'll even convince my friend to ditch Shakeology!


Comment is awaiting moderation

Wow, I was just about to purchase it, now I'm going to consider something else like the 18 shake you have listed there

Lorraine johnson . East Stroudsburg

Comment is awaiting moderation

Ty as I have a problem with chronic diarrhea already abd I have a tendency for gout. This has been helpful in my decision to not buy this product.

Vickie . Suitland

Comment is awaiting moderation

Thanks for your input. I was about to order Shakeology to help with belly fat, but will research additional options before moving forward.

D . Algonquin

Comment is awaiting moderation

While using this product, I had SERIOUS stomach issues with immense pain!!!!

Delina . Havelock

Comment is awaiting moderation

I tried several flavors from a friend who sells it and they were horrible. I did not like the taste, nor the texture. It was everything I had to get it down. I do feel that $138.73 for 30 day bag or 24 single packets is way over priced. I don't know how people can afford to drink this more than once a day. I did find something that was better that I really like. But this asked for a review, so I'm giving my thoughts.

Amy . Orlando

Comment is awaiting moderation

I agree way too expensive. Why take something if it does not taste good? I would never waste my money on that.

Donna . Boone

Comment is awaiting moderation

I was on Shakeology for 10 months. While using Shakeology, it helped control cravings and my appetite. I did not like the taste, (I used chocolate) but I just guzzled it down. I did stop using the product however because it was so expensive.

Robin . Toledo

Comment is awaiting moderation

I've been doing shakeology for going on my third week. I'm having awful stomach issues. I stopped using it and I'm fine. My stomach hurt so bad and not being able to go to the bathroom scared me. No more and I ate the foods and did it all. It's not worth it.

ZBrown . Ashburn

Comment is awaiting moderation

This was very helpful information, I read this just before I was about to make a purchase and this has caused me to reevaluate my purchase in advance. Thank you for all this researched data.

Rachel . Fort Myers

Comment is awaiting moderation

Wow, thanks for the reviews, info and comparisons! You have provided a useful service to me in researching about these meal replacement shakes.

Lynn . Danbury

Comment is awaiting moderation

I had major stomach problems after being on shakeology for a week. I read reviews from many people; they experienced the same thing. This shake is not for everyone.

Eileen . Westlake Village

Comment is awaiting moderation

I have tried Shakeology, I don't like the taste of the shake I have added things to the shake to make it tastes better its still awful. I also feel that $130.00 is to much to pay for Shakeology. I think it was a waste of money.

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