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Isagenix IsaLean is a meal replacement the company claims is clinically shown to support weight loss as well as lean muscle growth. It’s also meant to provide the best quality whey protein out of any other shake.

Many beneficial claims are made about this meal replacement, and in this review we go over the truth behind Isagenix IsaLean Shake. To find the top 10 diet shakes, you can click here.

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Isagenix IsaLean Shake Review

Isagenix IsaLean is higher in calories than other meal replacements at 240 calories per serving. The issue with this high amount is that reducing calories is key for weight loss.

By using 2 shakes a day you get 480 calories, while other top rated brands offer only 180, or 300 calories less. When losing weight it’s advised to subtract around 500 calories a day for up to a pound of weight loss a week.

A lot of the calories in this shake come from fat. There’s 55 calories from fat. In order to determine the total percentage of fat there’s a simple formula:

55 calories from fat / 240 calories = 22% fat per serving.

This means much of this shake is made up of fat and it’s considered a high fat food.

The added protein comes from the companies patented Myo-IsaLean Complex, which offers a blend of the following:

Whey Protein Concentrate: A lower yield protein that has between 29% to 89% protein by weight. It has a higher amount of carbohydrates and lactose than whey protein isolate.

Milk Protein Concentrate: A 40% to 90% protein by weight that’s spray dried and has lactose, protein, and minerals. To find the top 10 diet shakes, you can click here.


  • Has quality whey protein and it’s available in many flavors.


  • Incredibly high in calories, has a lot of potentially harmful sugar, and isn’t very useful at helping with appetite.

The food and water watch organization has criticized this ingredient due to its potential hazards:

“MPC’S are largely unregulated”

“Increased inspections and enforcement of safety standards are needed”

These safety concerns are important as this form of protein is often imported where standards are not the same as the US.

Low-heat nonfat dry milk: A processed form of milk with water and cream removed. It still retains its natural sugar and protein.

Isagenix 18shake GNC Lean Herbalife Visalus
Soy free protein
Helps with hunger
Low sugar
No artificial flavors or colors
Good taste
Money back guarantee


There’s a total of 11 grams of sugar that comes from fructose, which is fruit sugar. When fructose is extracted from fruit it can be potentially harmful.

Louisiana State University ran a clinical study which showed fructose was a:

“potential risk factor for cardiovascular disease”

It also often had an effect on:

“consistently show(ing) hyperlipidemia”

Hyperlipidemia is another way of saying there’s an excess level of fats in the blood. This can either mean an increased risk for high bad cholesterol, or high triglycerides.

The University of California Davis also ran a study that showed fructose was directly responsible for:

“metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes”

The major problem with this sweetener is that it can increase the risk for obesity, and it’s known not to decrease hunger. This is because studies have shown it does not affect leptin levels, which is key for help with appetite. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism group concluded that it could:

“contribute to weight gain and obesity”

So not only can fructose lead to cardiovascular issues and increased diseases, but it can contribute to weight gain. More well-rounded meal replacements are featured in the top 10 list of the very best.


A 14 serving canister is sold for $51.95, meaning you have to spend $103.90 for just 28 days worth of shakes at one a day.

This averages to a price of $3.71 per shake.

It’s incredibly pricy for such a caloric and heavily sweetened product. The company does offer a 30-day back money guarantee, but since representatives that work for the company handles refunds, some customers have had issues in getting their money back.

  • Calories* (240) 3.7/5
  • Protein* (24 g) 4.5/5
  • Carbs* (24 g) 4.1/5
  • Sodium* (240 mg) 3.6/5
  • Price* ($3.8) 3.5/5
  • Overall Rating 3.9/5

*per serving

Multilevel Marketing Business

The company runs what’s known as a multilevel marketing business strategy. This means they use regular people to sell their brands, and these sellers try to recruit others into joining the company.

This strategy has been criticized since some say it resembles a pyramid scheme. In fact, many reviews are available online that claim the company is running a scam.

Ripoff has several negative reviews on the company for their alleged role in making exaggerated claims, and of swindling people out of money. One person mentioned the company makes:

“outrageous claims of weight loss”

Another person added how the company:

“would not give me a refund at all”

There’s also currently a total of 44 complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. With the majority of people leaving negative reviews about the lack of quality, and issues with securing a refund.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet shakes to make a right purchase decision!

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"It has a good form of protein, but as far as appetite suppression it's not very good. ."

Anna Perez | 6 reviewers made a similar statement

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It’s been reviewed favorably for taste and its selection of flavors, but customers often reported not feeling satiated even though it has 240 calories.

There’s an incredibly high amount of sugar and calories added, which isn’t helpful for weight loss. The sugar added is also from fructose, which can lead to unwanted side effects and an increased risk for obesity.

Much better options are available that feature more wholesome ingredients for weight loss at a much cheaper price.

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*Results are individual and may vary. We cannot guarantee the same experience for every consumer.

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Henry . San Jose

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I signed onto this program and believed in this product due to a persistent salesperson. I tried this for a month and it gave me bloating and gas daily. It also did not curb my appetite. I have since stopped the program and am feeling back to normal. I have also requested for a refund and waiting.

larry . Westlake Village

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Whatever you do, do not spend money on this, it wasn't worth it. I heard how great this was and it impressed me. I made sure to follow the exact directions on the label on how to make a shake, and it was undrinkable. It has a cake batter texture, didn't taste like chocolate, and it's incredibly chalky. I tried making other shakes by adding things like fruit and peanut butter to make it taste better, but nothing worked. It also didn't help at all with suppressing my appetite. In fact, each time I drank it I ended up with a massive headache.

Andy . Newport Beach

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The amount of sugar is ridiculous compared to other brands. This shake gave me terrible bloating and gas.

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