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Herbalife Formula 1 is a meal replacement shake that the company claims provides a healthy and balanced meal. There are 13 different flavors that are meant to provide antioxidants, long lasting energy, and help with appetite.

The company also adds that clinical studies show meal replacements are effective for managing weight when used alongside exercise. Meal replacements can be an effective tool but does Herbalife Formula 1 truly work? We’ll discover that and more in this review. To find the top 10 diet shakes, you can click here.

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Herbalife Formula 1 Review

Just one protein strain is added at a total of 9 grams per serving. It comes solely from:

Soy Protein Isolate: Defatted soybeans that have at least 90% protein by weight. This form of protein is often GMO unless otherwise stated. It’s also been controversial for its potential side effects of which there are many.

The University of Maryland Medical center adds:

“may stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells”

“may lower the amount of iodine in the body, which can lead to under functioning of the thyroid”

Thyroid health is essential for weight loss as well as proper protein use and energy creation. It’s common for there to be significant weight gain when the thyroid is not acting correctly.

There’s also Phytoestrogens found which can either increase or decrease estrogen. In either case, manipulating estrogen can lead to unwanted side effects such as mood swings, decreased testosterone for men, and kidney failure.


  • Many different flavors, distributors can be found in many places, and it has a low amount of calories.


  • Has GMO soy added, contains a large amount of potentially dangerous sugar, and can only be purchased from a member.

Web MD also adds that high amounts of it:

“might cause abnormal tissue growth in the uterus”

Other possible side effects may include:

  • Rash and itching.
  • Nausea and feelings of illness.
  • Stomach pain and gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • Bloating and constipation.

Another interesting thing about soy is that it contains trypsin inhibitors. This can lead to reduced protein absorption in the body. It’s unknown what kind of an effect this may have when taking soy protein.

Not only is there just 9 grams of protein, but it all comes from GMO soy. There’s also a high amount of sugar as well as artificial ingredients. In order to use this brand you have to make a purchase from a certified Herbalife member in the surrounding area.

Finding the pricing of this product is difficult since all sales are made via a representative of the company. One catalog that was posted on an unaffiliated website claims it’s sold for $43.62 for a 30 serving container. This averages out to a daily price of $2.90 for a daily serving of 2 shakes.

Though this price might be increased depending on whom you purchase it from. There’s no one set price for Herbalife Formula 1.

Formula1 18shake GNC Lean Myoplex Isagenix
Soy free protein
Helps with hunger
Low sugar
No artificial flavors or colors
Good taste
Money back guarantee


9 grams of sugar are added which come from fructose. 9 grams is a significant amount when you consider that Authority Nutrition advises for a daily limit of:

Men: 37.5 grams.

Women: 25 grams.

This means at 2 a day, you get 18 grams. This is jut 7 grams away from being the advised limit for women in one day.

The type of sweetener used is also known to be a leading cause for obesity and metabolism disorders:

Fructose: Fruit sugar that when extracted from a fruit has a potential negative impact on health. The University of California Davis concluded that it’s the reason for:

“epidemics of metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes”

The American Society for Clinical Investigation also found that it:

“increases visceral adiposity and lipids and decreases insulin sensitivity”

In this study it was revealed that fructose could increase the risk for obesity related diseases as well. These studies have pinpointed the reason for an increase in obesity and they’ve linked it to fructose consumption. To find the top 10 diet shakes, you can click here.

  • Calories* (90) 4.9/5
  • Protein* (9 g) 3.6/5
  • Carbs* (13 g) 4.3/5
  • Sodium* (135 mg) 3.9/5
  • Price* ($1.20) 4.8/5
  • Overall Rating 4.3/5

*per serving

Customer Reviews

There are many reviews available for Herbalife Formula 1. Here’s a sample of the average review:

“pure empty chemical, pure calories”

“taste is horrible and I’m not inclined to use it”

“tastes like chalk”

“taste like baby formula. Super disgusting”

On average there’s a large amount of negative reviews about the taste. Not only did many say it was artificial, too sweet, and hard to drink, but people who read the ingredients label noticed the lack of quality.

Many saw that there was GMO ingredients as well as a lack of quality protein.

Digestive issues were also a problem for some. The lack of an appetizing body and taste was the average customer complaint. Several left negative reviews comparing the formula to an overly sweet baby formula.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet shakes to make a right purchase decision!

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"It has controversial soy protein and tons of sugars.."

Alex Fiebig | 26 reviewers made a similar statement

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This product is available in many flavors and it does have decent fiber and nutrients, but the artificial ingredients as well as GMO soy protein can be potentially harmful.

There’s also a high amount of fructose, which has been shown to actually increase the risk for obesity related illnesses as well as other symptoms.

Better meal replacements are available that don’t use GMO soy or potentially dangerous sugars.

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  • 18 ShakeOveral Rating: 4.9/5
  • Calories* (80)   5/5
  • Protein* (15 g)   5/5
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  • Sodium* (100 mg)   4.6/5
  • Price* ($2.5)   5/5
  • Overall Rating   4.9/5
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  • Yoli ShakeOveral Rating: 4.3/5
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  • Price* ($300/kit) 3.1/5
  • Overall Rating 4.3/5
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